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BESTUFS II national seminar in Sweden


Citylogistik - effektivare distribution i städer (City logistics - more efficient gods distribution in cities)


22nd May 2008


Svenska Mässan - Swedish Exhibition Centre
Gothenburg, Sweden


The possibility to get hold of the most important stakeholdes in Sweden (both as presenters and as participants) at the same time have been very difficult. And the preliminary dates and venues have been changes several times. Eventually, a feasible solution was found, which covered all aspects the BESTUFS project work and as a result the BESTUFS Handbook was promoted. The BESTUFS Handbook (in Swedish) was presented by me (see annex 2) at a session (in Swedish) at a Swedish Conference on Logistics and Transport in Gothenburg. The session in question was "Citylogistik - effektivare distribution i städer" and it takes place today between 09.00 and 12.00. The venue was the Swedish Exhibition Centre, Gothenburg, Sweden. The speakers are found on the first page and moderator of the session was Mr. Jacob Rheborg from Schenker Consulting. Some 50 participants (all related to the area of city logistics and from both authorities, private companies and academia) attended (see appendix 1) and about 100 copies of the Swedish BESTUFS Handbook was handed out - to the audience and in the nearby exhibition hall to selected people. As I had an agreement with the moderator to participate in the session, presenting the BESTUFS Handbook, I considered this event the BESTUFS National Seminar in Sweden. My The conclusion can be drawn - From the lively discussion at the end of the session and specifically with regard to the many questions addressing the BESTUFS Handbook - that the Swedish City Logistics community got a good understanding of the potential of the how the BESTUFS Handbook can be applied in future development of solutions for city logistics.

Portable Document File Seminar Handbok

Portable Document File List of participation


Tuesday, 22 May 2008
How has the Swedish Exhibition Centre reduced the queues when organising an event? (Hur har Svenska Mässan fått bort alla köer I samband med ett event?)
Mr. Kenneth Lexell, Transport Manager, Swedish Exhibition Center
Collective freight transport in cities? (Kollektiva godstransporter I städerna?)
Mats Grundius, Managing Director, Schenker Åkeri, Sweden
Gothenburg City is looking for new solutions for urban freight in the city centre (Göteborgs stad söker nya lösningar för godstrafiken I centrum)
Magnnus Jäderberg, Gothenburg Traffic Authority
What can be achieved with consolidation centres? (Vad kan man uppnå med samordnade transporter?)
Mona Pettersson, WSP Analysis and Strategy, Gothenburg
Why is Halmstad municipality investing in consolidated transport solutions? (Varför satsar Halmstads kommun på samordnade transporter?)
Stefan Agmarken, Environemntal Manager, Halmstad municipality
BESTUFS Handbook - a short presentation (BESTUFS Handbok - en kort presentation Stig Franzén, Chalmers Industriteknik, Gothenburg