Project Steps

The project structure is mainly based on 4 content related and 2 dissemination related work packages. All content and dissemination activities within BESTUFS II are linked to WP 1 Network Co-ordination.

Network co-ordination (WP 1)

The network co-ordination is responsible for the network communication, the management of the Steering Committee (SC), the strategic decisions of the Coordination Action, the links and relations to external networks, projects or initiatives as well as for the policy and research recommendations.

Best practice (WP 2)

Within this work package, the collection of information related to strategies, concepts, projects and initiatives takes place on a European level mainly. The collected material is analysed, described, consolidated and assessed before best practices, success criteria and experiences are derived. A coordination of all the contributing participants is needed in order to realise these tasks.

Urban freight data harmonisation and modelling (WP 3)

Modelling and data harmonisation addressing urban freight movements were recognised as basic requirements for city transport planners in order to obtain a full urban transport picture, including all commercial activities and needed to introduce innovative measures. The work package will focus on practical support for cities.

Get access to the WP 3 working platform "Docapolis".

Urban freight guidelines (WP 4)

Best Practice Handbooks provide a sound overview on practices and innovation for single CLS themes. However it was felt that the main benefactors of these handbooks are mainly consultants, researchers and very experienced practitioners (reading English) . A supportive document transferring the valuable results of BESTUFS and BESTUFS II to practitioners in medium sized cities was missing. Printed urban freight guides in national language is considered as practical solution to fill this gap and in WP 4 these guides are described in English first and then translated and printed in 17 national languages.

Quantification of effects (WP 5)

The effects of urban freight transport in terms of economic, environmental and social/safety issues will be described in WP 5. It is compared with other transport sectors and modes and an embedded overview description will be worked out. Quantitative figures describing the contribution of single CLS theme groups to policy objectives are given.

Administration centre and seminars (WP 6)

The existing BESTUFS administration centre will be continued to support the organisation of workshops and to handle internal and external enquiries also in BESTUFS II. The organisation of 22 urban freight transport seminars is included in this work package. These seminars are seen as major instrument to link local urban freight transport actors of medium sized cities with BESTUFS II and to reach a wide geographic coverage in Europe.

Dissemination (WP 7)

All dissemination activities are integrated in this work package. All results are published on-line at, one brochure and 12 project newsletters are produced and disseminated, annual conferences are organised, the presentation of BESTUFS II at exhibitions and fairs is handled, presentations are given and publication and press releases are prepared and spread.