Results - BESTUFS I

City Questionnaire [read more]

The 'European Survey on Transport and Delivery of Goods in Urban Areas' has been developed in close work together with the BESTUFS-consortium and POLIS and has been sent to important European cities in order to identify their major problems, requirements and initiatives concerning urban freight transport. The results help to focus on major aspects of urban freight transport and to choose the thematic focuses to be dealt with.

Policy and research recommendations [read more]

Within the policy and research recommendations different thematic focuses (e.g. Urban freight platforms or Night delivery) are dealt with following the different topics of the BESTUFS workshops held. For each thematic area

Best Practice Handbooks [read more]

The Best Practice Handbooks are collections of good practice examples from all over Europe. Related to each specific thematic area (e.g. E-commerce and urban freight distribution or Road pricing and urban freight transport)

are given.

Clustering Report [read more]

The aim of this report is the "clustering of relevant R&TD projects around the key themes to identify work undertaken and where additional effort may need to be considered".