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Policy and research recommendations

Within the policy and research recommendations the results of national, European and international projects and investigations about the urban transportation of goods are considered, and the expertise and knowledge of the different stakeholders in urban goods transportation is obtained. The main sources are:

Four policy and research recommendations have been derived in BESTUFS I and within
BESTUFS II another three followed.


Statistic Data on Goods Transport
Access regulations
Optimised vehicles for city distribution
Changing urban transport due to e-commerce and e-logistics
Rail based urban freight transport
Urban goods transport pricing
Urban distribution centres
Summary including
  • Statistical data, data acquisition and data analysis regarding urban freight transport
  • City access, parking regulations and access time restrictions and enforcement support
  • Optimised city distribution vehicles as demanded by transport operators
  • Changing urban transport due to E-commerce and E-logistics
  • Urban rail freight transport
  • Road pricing and urban freight transport
  • Urban freight platforms
  • Public Private Partnership (PPP) enhancing urban goods transport
  • Night delivery
  • ITS in urban goods transport
  • Urban freight strategies: Laissez-faire or following a comprehensive strategy?