Title:BESTUFS Position Paper regarding the Green Paper
Author:BESTUFS network team
Date:March 2008
Summary:The BESTUFS Position Paper is willing to contribute to the further development of the new European Commission’s Green Paper “Towards a new culture for urban mobility”. In this context the Position Paper tries to complement and extend the freight related dimension of urban mobility. Furthermore it attempts to provide answers to the questions posed such as those concerning congestions, air emissions and noise.
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Title:London Freight Plan 2007
Author:Transport for London
Date:December 2007
Summary:Sustainable freight distribution: a plan for London has been produced to support this sustainable development of London by giving clear guidance and direction to complement the freight policies in Transport Strategy and to support the Climate Change Action Plan. It recognises a need to improve the efficiency of the freight sector whilst also reducing the environmental and social impacts of freight transport on London, particularly our contribution to climate change.
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Title:Dix ans d’expérimentation en matière de livraisons en ville
Author:Bernard Gérardin, CERTU
Date:February 2007
Summary:The French report summarizing and analyzing 10 years of urban freight implementation in France
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Title:Road pricing and freight - European and national strategies
Author:Tom Zunder, Nicolas Ibanez
Date:November 2004
Summary:The article presents some UK and European road pricing initiatives, and how a few countries seem determined to go their own way.
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Title:Rail In Urban Freight: What Future If Any?
Author:Mark Robinson, Phil Mortimer
Date:March 2004
Summary:This paper follows on the article of Urban Freight And Rail: The State Of The Art" by Mark Robinson and Phil Mortimer published in February 2004.
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Title:Urban Freight And Rail: The State Of The Art
Author:Mark Robinson, Phil Mortimer
Date:February 2004
Summary:The role of rail in providing freight transport to, from and through urban areas has come under increasing scrutiny and there appears to be a continuing interest in the subject. This paper sets out to demonstrate the state of the art in urban rail freight distribution on the basis of some relevant European examples.
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